Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Training

(Official campus notice)

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Training

In accordance with the Kean University anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy (State Policy) and institutional mission, the University is committed to providing a campus environment free from discrimination or harassment. Kean University's policy mandates that employees who have been "subjected to any form of prohibited discrimination/harassment, or who witness others being subjected to such discrimination/harassment" are encouraged to report these incidents promptly to a supervisor, manager, or to the Office of Affirmative Action Programs. In addition, department chairs and other supervisory and managerial employees "must immediately refer any and all allegations of discrimination/harassment" to the Office of Affirmative Action Programs.

The New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment or Hostile Environments in the Workplace requires that all employees receive training pursuant to this policy. Any employee who has not completed training within the past two years is required to complete a training program.

Online training programs are available on both the Affirmative Action and Human Resources Web sites, or at the following link: The online program was designed by New Media Learning, LLC and consists of two modules, 1) Preventing Sexual Harassment, and 2) Preventing Employment Discrimination. Both modules must be completed to fulfill the training requirement, and are accessible every day, at any time.

Please contact the Office of Affirmative Action Programs by e-mail at or by phone at 908-737-3330 for more information.