Thursday, May 24, 2007

Worker Compensation Procedure for Kean Employees at Ocean County College (OCC)

Worker Compensation Procedure for Kean Employees at Ocean County College (OCC)

Any Kean employee who is injured while working at OCC will be medically treated/evaluated as any other OCC employee, visitor or student. Ocean county college's first responder will be the director of Health Services, a college nurse or a Security Department member. All first responders are trained to provide first aid, evaluate medical conditions and call for additional medical assistance.

1. The first responder will provide first aid and assess the need for any additional medical services.

2. If the situation is urgent, an ambulance will be called.

3. Kean employees will follow the Kean Workers' Compensation instructions by accessing the Human Resources page on the Kean Web site and completing the RM2 report. (go to and click on the "Accident Report Form" under the heading "Work Related Accidents and Injuries") Dr. Robert Cirasa, the contact person between the employee and Kean University, will be responsible for signing the RM2 report.

4. Carol Crawford (OCC director of Health Services) will prepare an incident report and fax/forward a copy to Cirasa at 806-313-5058, the Kean Office of Human Resources and the appropriate personnel at OCC. The completion of the report is required for all incidents at OCC which maintains a record for the college's liability insurance and safety reports.

5. The injured employee will communicate all treatment/follow up/problems with Cirasa, Kean's worker-compensation carrier or Human Resources.

6. Kean University will be responsible for notifying all Kean employees working at OCC of the workers' compensation procedure.

Any Kean employee working on the OCC campus, who would like to see a member of the Health Services Department for minor health issues, such as headaches, blood pressure, etc. is more than welcome to utilize the OCC health-services facility, located in the Instructional Building, at no charge.