Monday, March 24, 2008

General Fire Safety Policies, Procedures and Instructions

The Office of Fire Safety would like to share the following information on fire-prevention measures with the campus community:

General Fire Safety Policies, Procedures and InstructionsPolice and Fire Emergency Numbers:

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergencies: 911
Non-Emergencies: 7-4800
Senior Fire Safety Officer: 7-5010

Fire Prevention Throughout the University, including Dorms

The following items are prohibited in order to help prevent fires at the University. Please be advised that while this list is extensive, it is in no way all-inclusive. The list is intended to provide a guideline
  • The use of candles, incense and open flame devices are not permitted in any building, unless properly authorized by the Senior Fire Safety Officer.
  • Live Christmas trees and wreaths, unless properly authorized by the Senior Fire Safety Officer.
  • Firearms, weapons, paintball guns, fireworks, explosives, chemicals (except in authorized labs), firecrackers and like items.
  • University authorized and sponsored fireworks presentations must have the properly authorized permits from local and state authorities, including written notification to and approval from the local township municipal and fire department authorities. It is also required that the neighboring community surrounding the campus be notified at least 48 hours in advance of any authorized and properly licensed fireworks displays. The permit procedures should include arrangements for the proper fire department apparatus and personnel to provide the appropriate fire protection and safety at the fireworks presentation. See the Senior Fire Safety Officer for details.
  • Kerosene lamps and other highly flammable substances (such as gas and gasoline containing devices)
  • Neon signs and string lights (e.g. holiday lights)
  • Furniture such as chairs, couches, mattresses, etc., other than those provided by the University.
  • Halogen lamps without protective covering.
  • Motor vehicles of any kind, including but not limited to, mopeds, motorcycles, and motor bikes are prohibited in any of the University’s buildings.
  • Electrical heat producing appliances (stoves, George Foreman grills, toaster ovens, hot plates, and heating units) are prohibited, including all appliances that are not UL listed and appliances that are recalled by manufacturers or government agencies.
  • Extension cords and Octopus Plugs
  • Electric heaters that are not provided by the university
  • Power strips without a fuse
  • Setting or fueling a fire of any size
  • Possession of highly flammable materials including gasoline, gas cans or containers (whether containing fuel or empty)
  • Blocking hallways or walkways in any building
  • Door stops, wedges and other unapproved hold-open devices on fire doors shall be prohibited. Self-closing and automatic-closing devices shall be approved. Where it is desired to keep doors open, an automatic-closing device actuated by automatic fire detectors shall be provided in accordance with the building code. All unauthorized devices used to prop open doors will be removed immediately.
  • Use of fire-fueled or electric grills for any purpose inside buildings is prohibited. Use of fire-fueled or electric grills in open spaces is prohibited, unless authorized by the Senior Fire Safety Officer.
  • Unauthorized modification of space and the furnishings contained within, including the installation of any air conditioners, paintings, and any personal furnishings is prohibited.
    Portable LP gas cooking equipment such as barbecue grills shall not be stored or used:
    a. On any portion of a building;

b. Within any room or space of a building;

c. Within five feet of any combustible exterior wall;

d. Within five feet, vertically or horizontally, of any opening in any wall; ore. Under

any building overhang.

  • A person shall not cause or allow open burning unless approved in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code.
  • The installation of personal locks or chains, splicing cable lines, use of materials that damage the surfaces of the building interiors or prevents authorized equipment from working properly is prohibited.
  • Do not move furnishings from their original locations or store items on top of them that are less than 18 inches from the ceiling or bottom of any sprinkler heads.
  • Stored items must be at least 35 inches from electrical panel or circuit breaker boxes.
  • Open coil appliances for heating water and beverages are prohibited.

In the Dorms

Please be advised that while this list is extensive, it is in no way all-inclusive. The list is intended to provide a guideline. Due to the presence of kitchen equipment in the residence hall apartments, the fire alarm systems are very sensitive. To avoid unnecessary fire alarms:

  • A person shall not take or utilize an open flame or light in any structure or other place where highly flammable, combustible or explosive material is utilized or stored.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the corridors. Where smoking is permitted, suitable non-combustible ash trays or match receivers shall be provided on each table and at other convenient locations.
  • Do not use a steam iron in the bedrooms of apartments.
  • Do not spray aerosol cans near smoke detectors.
  • Never leave stoves or ovens unattended while cooking.
  • Candles and incense are not permitted anywhere in the residence halls.
  • Excessive smoking in the bedrooms of the apartment buildings may activate the fire alarm. To avoid this, open the bedroom window or smoke in the kitchen or living room area.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Do not decorate common areas with hanging or other items (including holiday decorations).
  • Avoid any manner which would contribute to the spreading of smoke or fire.
  • Do not hang or attach anything to, or on, any lamp, light fixture, sprinkler head or any other fire detection and suppression devices.
  • Anything that damages, misuses, or otherwise interferes with the ready and proper operation of any fire detection or fire suppression equipment and related signs is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: sprinklers, heat and smoke detectors, extinguishers, fire alarm controls panels, notifiers, pull stations, annunciators, exit signs, and fire violation signs.