Thursday, May 24, 2007

Publicity for Programs

Publicity for Programs

Maria's helpful hints

For publicity of on-campus program you have a few options

Fliers – You can create a paper flier (when designing make sure it looks good in both color and B & W) and take an original copy to the University Center Administration office in the University Center and have it approved and stamped. Nothing can be posted on campus without their approval. And ask for the rules or guide regarding where publicity materials can be posted.

Then you make your copies for campus use.

I'd count the buildings on the map and decide which ones would be worth posting in, and this varies according to discipline. I'd make sure I put some up in the UC building, for the most part I see a lot of them around the elevators, I'd cover all the floors allowed as per the rules of Willis/Hutchinson/Hennings Hall/CAS, I'd definitely post in Vaughn-Eames. I'd put some up in Townsend and Bruce, but I don't think there are as many spots. Until you familiarize yourself with all of the buildings I'd print the map available at:

If the department has printing funds, I'd make some color copies in the duplication service office on the second floor of Hutchinson, but be aware that it can be expensive. I'd place those in strategic areas where the interest would be higher. Black and whites would probably do for other buildings where there may be no or little traffic, such as the Technology Building.

You can also send copies for the residence halls to the Residence Life office <> with a note asking that they post them. There are 6 residence halls, and if I remember correctly there is one bulletin board on the first floor of each, but they can best tell you what their process is.

University Relations sends out e-mail 'blasts' of information to the campus as requested. This is the perfect way to alert all staff/faculty/administrators and make sure he request that they also do the 'all students' list. BTW, the University Relations office is in Hutchinson on the second floor and their number is 7-NEWS.

Another good option is the Administrative Report that we all receive late Friday afternoons. This does go out to all, but be aware that they are strict about their deadlines. The deadline for the Administrative Report is Friday at noon for publication one week from the following Monday. Please e-mail your information to

I see on this list <> that there many clubs and you may want to reach out to them personally. For Information on Student Groups at Kean, contact Student Life at (908) 737-5170

And also ask about the 2 student publications and their deadlines. The Cougar's Byte office is located in the University Center, they send out their publication in electronic format to all students, grad and undergrad. I think a personal visit to them on your way to lunch may help expedite the process of including your announcements.

The printed student newspaper, The Tower is published with the support of the department of communications in the CAS building. I can't find a website for their department information because it's under construction, but you can call Dr. Chris Lynch for more info.

Another option is to drop by the University Center Administration office and ask to place the announcement on the monitors that you see in the UC lobby.

This also applies to CAS (the center, not the building) which has a monitor in the CAS lobby. Ask at the main desk and they can direct you to the person in charge of disseminating information.

The Center for Academic Success (department) also sends out a list to freshman seminar instructors to share with students who get extra credit in T2K classes to attend events and write short reports about them. The office information is available at the desk on the first floor of the CAS building.