Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cougar e-mail, managemen tfree

May your Cougar mailbox always be free


When you have your Cougar e-mail forwarded to another account there is a way to discontinue copies from sitting in your Cougar account and you eliminate the tedious task of constant maintenance (cleaning it out).

-Log into your Cougar account
-Go to 'Options'
-Then click on 'Delegated Administrator' on the left
-Now click on 'Mail delivery options'
-Notice that as the default for the first choice there is a checkmark in front of 'Deliver incoming messages to: POP3/IMAP4 mailbox', remove that check mark. (What this does is automatically forward the message elsewhere without leaving a copy in Cougar and thus clogging up your allocated space.)
-Now as a precaution, I'd add the e-mail you are forwarding in the bottom box labeled 'Forward a copy of each message to:
(INSERT checkmark here) Enable forwarding

And ENTER the forwarding address in the box provided, remember to 'Enter one email address per line.'

Make sure you hit 'SAVE' and run a test from an outside source. I usually send myself e-mails from Yahoo or G-mail for test purposes.

If it forwards and upon reopening Cougar you don't see a copy then you know you've been successful.