Thursday, June 7, 2007

Toner Cartridges (Disposal of)

It has come to the attention of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) that many people have questions regarding the disposal procedures of USED toner cartridges. In the past, many staff members had re-boxed the used cartridges, placed a return sticker on them provided by the manufacturer, and sent the cartridges back out for recycling.

However, many of the manufacturers no longer provide this service. Therefore, in order to remain an environmentally conscious facility, the University must now turn to outside recycling companies for assistance.

In order to address this issue, the following procedures are being implemented for the current handling of used toner cartridges:

Any large cartridges from large printers, copiers and fax machines must be returned in a box when used and sealed up for removal. Small inkjet-type cartridges can either be put in a box or simply placed in a collection bin at the drop-off locations. Drop-off locations will be set up on the first floor alongside the mail drop-off boxes in the following buildings: Townsend, Bruce, Science, Hennings, Hutchinson, Willis, Nancy Thompson Library, CAS, University Center, Maintenance, Campus School East, Campus School South, Child Study Institute, and Whiteman Hall outside the Residence Life office. Additional drop-off locations will be set up on an as-needed basis. Please bring all your toner cartridges to these locations where a marked blue bin will be placed. If you are in a building without a drop-off location, please bring your recycling to a nearby building or contact EHS to arrange for a pick up.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact EHS at 7-3316. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.