Thursday, May 24, 2007

On-the-Job Injury Reporting Procedures

(Official campus notice)

On-the-Job Injury Reporting Procedures

1. In the event that an employee sustains a work-related injury during
normal business hours(Monday through Friday, 9a.m. to 5 p.m.), he or she
is required to notify an immediate supervisor and the Office of Human
Resources (Benefits) Office at 7-3300 no later than the end of the
workday on which the injury occurred.

2. An accident-report form (form RM-2) must be completed and submitted
to the Benefits Office. In order for employees to be considered for
workers compensation and SLI (Sick Leave Injury) benefits, New Jersey
state regulations require that a completed and signed accident report is
forwarded to the Benefits area of the Office of Human Resources within
48 hours from the time of injury. The form can be obtained from the
Benefits Office or on the Office of Human Resources webpage.

3. In the event that an injury occurs during off hours (i.e., night
shift, weekend shift), Campus Police must be contacted at 7-4800.
Employees must notify an immediate supervisor and the Benefits Office
(Office of Human Resources) and file an accident report form (form RM-2)
within 48 hours from the time of injury. The Benefits Office will make
arrangements for an evaluation at a Concentra Medical Center.

4. It is the policy of the University to refer employees who are injured
on the job to a Concentra Medical Center. An Employer's Authorization
for Examination or Treatment form is required from the Office of Human
Resources before treatment can be rendered.

5. In the event of a medical emergency or if medical treatment is
required after the operating hours of Concentra, Campus Police will
arrange for transportation to the Union Hospital Emergency Room.

6. The State of New Jersey has selected Horizon Casualty Services to
provide a managed-care program to administer the University's Workers'
Compensation claims. An injured employee must follow the above reporting
procedures and seek treatment in accordance with this managed-care
program. Employees who do not comply with these procedures will be
responsible for any unauthorized medical bills. Employees should not
seek treatment from their primary-care physician.

7. Workers Compensation is applicable only when the injury is a direct
result of an employee's duties, the incident has been properly reported
and individual negligence is not involved. Medical documentation from a
University-appointed network physician must be provided for all work
days lost in order to be eligible for SLI benefits. In the event that
medical documentation is not submitted, benefits will be denied. Denials
may be appealed to the Merit System Board. Benefits are limited to one
year following the date of the incident.

8. In cases where there is reason to believe that on-the-job sick leave
is being abused, the University or its designee may investigate. If the
University concludes that there has been an abuse, disciplinary action,
up to and including termination, will be taken. In addition, where
appropriate, the matter will be referred to the State of New Jersey
Attorney General's Office for legal action.